About Assassin

The first Assassin rods were developed over twenty years ago and were immediately a success.  They very quickly became the leading brand in the shore-based fishery, especially with competitive anglers.  The reasons for the success were undoubtedly the quality and performance of the rods.  The product range has continually expanded from shore-based rods to spinning, off-shore and fresh water.  Our team have ensured that we constantly use the best material and technology available for our rods.  We ensure that each new development is thoroughly researched and improved on.  During our journey we saw the need to expand the range further in order to address the market need for affordable value for money models whilst still offering optimal performance for those applications.

Other Brands

The same people that were responsible for developing the Assassin brand of fishing rods also developed brands such as GT Ice Cream, CID Lures, Grinder braid and JDB braid.  All of these brands have been extremely popular throughout South Africa and many other countries around the world.

The People

Our team is led by people who have many years of experience in the fishing tackle business and perhaps more importantly are great innovators and developers of product to meet the needs that have been identified in the market.   The team are fanatical anglers that have fished in many places around the world both socially and competitively.